The Lakeside Consultation is your opportunity to discuss your vision for your custom home, cottage or boathouse project. The consultation consists of information on the design and build process as well as an in person meeting with James Pitropov, Architect. 

The Lakeside Consultation will provide you with the necessary information and tools to begin planning your project.  Prior to your meeting with James, we will courier a package of information to your home.  This package contains our guide to Preparing for your Design Project as well as the the Advantages of Working with an Architect.    The package will also contain a list of questions that we ask that you fill out and send to our office prior to your meeting with James.  We also ask that you provide any other documents on your home, cottage or site including your survey and any other pertinent site information. 

We will then set up a three hour professional and personalized consultation with James to discuss your vision for your design project.  Our consultation will include a discussion of:

  • your vision for your project,
  • the applicable zoning, setback and conservation authority requirements,
  • your budget and the predicted construction costs, and a
  • sample timetable for the design and build of your project.

This personalized and private consultation will guide you in developing your project from concept to creation and will help you plan your project so that it is on time and on budget. 

The cost of the Lakeside Assessment is $750. To schedule a Lakeside Consultation please click here.