Lakeside can provide thorough project and construction management services through our sister company, Lakeside Construction Management Inc.  Lakeside will instruct and manage the build crew, work closely with the master carpenter and have weekly site visits to keep your project on track and keep you informed of the build progress. Lakeside will provide ongoing cost analysis, be the point person for all construction orders and deliveries and will conduct regular site meetings.

Employing Lakeside for construction management, a general contractor will not be needed. Many contractors will charge 15 – 20 % or more to organize the build of your project. This is typically referred to as a cost plus arrangement whereby you pay the contractor for their time and the time of their crew as well as a 15 – 20% mark up on the costs of all subcontractors, products and services required for your build. This results in a significant profit to the contractor and a significant loss to you. Using Lakeside’s services, you pay the costs of the construction directly thereby avoiding the often hidden mark up for these contracted services.


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