The Lakeside Assessment is a detailed report that will thoroughly explore all of your needs and options. The Lakeside Assessment is an in-depth written report of the attributes of the current site including pictures, a survey and a possible plan presented to you help you prepare your project for the design phase.

The Lakeside Assessment will include the following:

  • Preparation of an existing conditions plan of your dwelling and property which will include the position of the adjoining buildings and details of all the existing services to your property.
  • Based on a site inspection an opinion on the state of the structure and the internal and external finishes
  • The location of the existing services and an opinion on their implications regarding the design and cost of your renovation.
  • The constraints of the any applicable planning and building regulations
  • An overview of what design options your property can actually accommodate.
  • An overview of the whole design process from initial design to construction.

The cost of the Lakeside Assessment is $1,500. To request the Lakeside Assessment please click here.