annual exhibitor

Cottage Life Toronto October 2017For over 10 years, Lakeside Architecture Inc. not only has a booth at the Cottage Life Show but also James’ has often been a speaker and presenter at the show. James has presented at previous Cottage Life Shows on topics such as:

  • “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”: Making Sense of Boathouse, Cottage and Shoreline Construction in Cottage Country
  • “From Rocks to Rafters”: New Options for Cottage Design and Construction
  • “Lakeside”: Real Cottages for True Cottagers

James also often participates on Cottage Life’s expert panel including the expert panel “Cottage Design, Construction and Technologies”, moderated by Steve Maxwell.

Lakeside has booths at both the fall and spring cottage life show. As well, Lakeside plans to attend the boat show in January 2018. Further details to follow.